This product will provide a cleansing action on the structure of the hair, due to the combined action of green surfactants (SLES FREE), by creating a protective sheath through the hair. This product is enriched with linseed oil, olive leaves extract and conditioning molecules thus providing the hair with a silky texture and extending the protection of the colored hair. It also provides moisturizing and protection against free radicals and chemical or mechanical stress and gives the hair a healthy and luminous look. All the green surfactants contained in this product have an extraordinarily delicate action that respects the color of the hair and keep it brilliant for a longer period of time. How to use it: Apply a small quantity of product on wet hair and then distribute evenly on the skin by gently massaging. Leave on for a period of 5 minutes. Rinse off carefully, then apply again. Vegetable surfactants in this product determine a reduced quantity of foam.


250ml bottle / 1lt bottle

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We carefully select the most precious natural raw materials and the purest essential oils, combining them with synthetic elements of the highest tolerability and biodegradability.


Our over 40 years experience enables us to combine the know-how, the love for all that is natural and the artisan care of current scientific discoveries, to obtain products that can satisfy all our customers.


Guided by our values and facilitated by the most innovative technologies in the field of trichology and cosmetics, we are constantly looking for eco-sustainable solutions to improve the health of the skin and hair.

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