"Avant-garde in research, love for nature."

"Avant-garde in research, love for nature."

Forty years of experience, of passion. Fondonatura was born with a particular love: love for green. Plant and bio-active extracts have always been the heart of formulation of our products, which have proved extremely effective in the trichological and cosmetic fields. Continuous research and experimentation have taught us that nature and science not only coexist in harmony, but complement each other. For this reason, we combine love for all that is natural and artisan care with the most innovative technologies and current scientific discoveries.

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Avant-garde in research

Over the years, TRI-CO-SAL has committed itself to major investments in the field of research, acquiring laboratories with cutting-edge technologies. A team of professional experts formulates, experiments and produces new very high-quality products on a daily basis with great commitment and scientific rigour; these products are prepared in compliance with the most stringent international standards and subjected to scrupulous microbiological and physical-chemical controls, which ensure constant quality at every stage of manufacture.
At TRI-CO-SAL we are convinced that we can always do better, driven by shared trust in progress and in making a better tomorrow credible.



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