About Us

"We have nature in mind"

Fondonatura is a brand belonging to TRI-CO-SAL Cosmetics Laboratories. Its name (literally "nature in the background") reflects the company philosophy, based primarily on natural formulations, used for trichological and cosmetic preparations.
Our artisan tradition, that we proudly carry forward from our small provincial laboratory, has allowed us to become one of the major Italian entrepreneurial companies operating in the trichological and cosmetic sector. This demonstrates that looking ahead with a very precise project leads to achieving exemplary results.
The story of TRI-CO-SAL and its brand Fondonatura is full of commitment, passion, creativity and enthusiasm. All these factors lead us to take on new daily challenges.
We research, experiment and formulate products of excellent quality for the care of people's scalp and hair.

Our values


We carefully select the most precious natural raw materials and the purest essential oils, combining them with synthetic elements of the highest tolerability and biodegradability.


Our over 40 years experience enables us to combine the know-how, the love for all that is natural and the artisan care of current scientific discoveries, to obtain products that can satisfy all our customers.


Guided by our values and facilitated by the most innovative technologies in the field of trichology and cosmetics, we are constantly looking for eco-sustainable solutions to improve the health of the skin and hair.

Our Services

I Nostri Servizi I Nostri Servizi

We create every project to personalise your salon. Through innovative tools we design and create showcases as well as advertisements for both salons and poster designing. Our company is provided with a printing, screen printing and digital printing department. This allows us to print even large formats for advertising, events and fashion shows at very high resolution.

We customise every product of our brand with the customer's logo. Furthermore, at the customer's request, our Research Laboratories can study, formulate and produce new products. We take care of these projects from concept to packaging.

We provide the best professional training for our clients, hair care and hair style professionals. We study advanced training courses both for males and females. These range from basic to advanced and include a fundamental practical study. In addition, we have undertaken collaborations with London academies to ensure training on the latest international trends.

We were among the promoters of the trichology service in hair salons. We have always believed that knowing and recognising capillary and cutaneous anomalies is the primary step for hairdressers. Beautiful hair is achieved when the same is healthy, clean and detoxified. Hence, we recommend specific products and treatments for each customer's needs.

"The avant-garde in research and love for nature."

- Dr Alvaro Quarta
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