Laminology Treatment. TO USE AT HOME


Luxury Shampoo

Ultra concentrated professional luxury Shampoo.

Repairs, nourishes, protects and enhances the brilliance of the capillary fiber.

Based on an extraordinary blend of plant origin surfactants and specific function actives, such as 

Fermented rice water rich in metabolites, nourishes and strengthens the capillary structure.

Camellia Oil highly moisturizing, nourishes and shine damaged and dull hair

Sakè extract protects hair cuticle from heat and preserves scalp microflora

Disodium sebacoyl bis-lauramidolysine –Reduces the risk of breakage and damage of the hair.

Collagen deeply moisturizes the hair.


Use as first step in Laminology Treatment 

Wet the hair, pour a small amount of Luxury Shampoo into hands and distribute it evenly on the scalp practicing a light and gentle massage. Leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and proceed to a second application. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them thoroughly.

250 ml bottle


Luxury Leave In 

An ultra concentrated smoothing leave-in hair serum, it should be applied before drying hair to repair, nourish and add incredible shine.

It tames frizzy hair, gives a great glossy effect, hydrates the hair making blowouts easier. It boosts and prolongs brilliance and Laminology Treatment repairing effects.


Use as second step of the Laminology Treatment

Towel-dry the hair, heat the right amount of Luxury Leave In between your palms, apply it all over the length, comb through over lengths and ends and proceed with drying. Should not be rinsed out.

Dose well the product quantity, it depends of hair type, thinner hair requires less quantity of leave In.


It is a highly concentred product, do not exceed quantity also on medium-thick hair.

150 ml bottle

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